Crowdfunding Toolkit

Helpful hints and tools to get your crowdfunding page a success. Please be sure to review our Guidelines and Crowdfunding 101 pages before applying.

Crowdfunding Project Page 


You must write content for your project page. In 300 words or less, please summarize your project and be sure to include why someone should give. Include a clear call to action such as, "Give now to support/enable/provide, etc...."

Image Requirements

Logo/Icon Photo (300 x 300)

Cover Photo (1500 x 500)




Displaying you project's goal is optional. If you would like for it to appear, please provide either a dollar amount or donor amount goal. 

Solicitation and Strategy 

As the project leader, you and your team will need to continuously push your crowdfunding page. We've outlined advice and sample text below. Social Media Social media can be extremely powerful in spreading the message about your project. Post updates throughout the fundraiser time period: announcing your project, updating your audience on progress, and thanking donors once a campaign has ended. 

Example Social Media Post 

"Join us in your [Your Fundraiser] to support________. We have a goal of [$$] to reach by [Project deadline]""We are almost there! We've raised [$$] towards our goal of [$$]. Show your support by making a gift today!"

"Your support means so much to [club, organizations name]. Your gift means [briefly explain how a donors gift will impact you]"

"Thank you all for being part of our crowdfunding campaign! We are so inspired by your generosity. We raised [$$] which will help provide...."


You may also utilize emails to spread the word about your crowdfunding project. While the email format provides more space for text, we would encourage you to not overwhelm the reader with a wall of text. If possible incorporate images from your recent events, department photos, etc. so that your audience is able to make a s connection between their donation and the faces of the project.

Email Examples

Friendly tip: When emailing someone in your network, be sure to address them with a kind, personal salutation "Dear Aunt Sue....Dear Billy,"

Dear [name], 

Insert personal greetings...

I wanted to share an exciting crowdfunding project I am working on! [Your project] allows me/our club to [short description]. I hope you can join in making a gift today! Any gift, of any size will make a difference. Your support allows us tp [show how a gift would help your club/organization.] Thank you! 


If you are interested in sending a follow up thank you email or note, the Annual Giving team will work with you on this process.