Is Stetson Crowdfunding a good fit for your project?

Before applying, find all the info specific information you need to see if Stetson Crowdfunding is right for you! 

What is it? 

Stetson University’s official crowdfunding platform is an outlet for the entire Hatter community to connect with donors and fundraise for student organizations, creative projects, and more.  

Every dollar raised through crowdfunding goes directly to back to the project. 

Projects are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  The Annual Giving Office is here to make sure that crowdfunding is the best platform to raise funds for your project.  


Is crowdfunding the right platform for my fundraising project? 

The project is led by you and your team members! Annual Giving is here to help guide and advise, but your project leaders will be the main drive behind a successful campaign.  

Does your project fit the scope below? 

Time frame: 6 weeks once application is received 

Fundraiser length: 7-14 days 

Goals: Specific goals with tangible accomplishments e.g., purchasing new equipment, funding travel fees, or providing student workshop opportunities 

Audience: A clear, targeted audience within your network. We recommend having at least 20 individuals willing to donate to your cause.  

Project Team: A group of dedicated team members to advocate for your project through all stages: application, solicitation, stewardship. 

Project Lead: The project lead will be the one person with direct contact with the Annual Giving team.