Stetson University Crowdfunding Guidelines

Before a crowdfunding campaign begins, it is the Project Leader’s responsibility to review and understand the following Stetson University Crowdfunding guidelines. 

All projects must submit an application for approval. Please allow 3-5 business days for a response. 

Please allow up to 4 weeks once a project is approved for the crowdfunding site to go live. 

All projects must have an approved current restricted gift income fund that donations can be processed to and then distributed to the respective campus unit’s account. To confirm if one has been set up, email 

All monies must be used for the project’s stated purpose. Individuals are prohibited from keeping any portion of the funds raised as a profit or compensation. All projects must be non-profit in nature.

Projects must support Stetson’s programs and initiatives. Funds cannot be redirected to a third party, external charity or another nonprofit.

All content on the project’s webpage must be approved by the Annual Giving team, which has the right to edit or require project content edits at any point in the campaign.

Projects should have specific goals and be driven by tangible accomplishments – for example, purchasing new equipment, funding travel fees, or providing student workshop opportunities. Projects without a specific goal are generally less successful and may not qualify for a crowdfunding campaign.

Project Teams are responsible for marketing their campaign and providing outreach. Teams should consist of at least 3-5 people. The larger the Project Team, the more likely they are to succeed. Project Teams are responsible for promoting their campaigns via social media, email, phone calls and on-campus. 

Successful Project Teams have a Project Leader who will spearhead project initiatives and work directly with the Office of Annual Giving throughout the entire project duration.

Stetson and the Office of Annual Giving does not provide any contact data on alumni, parents, friends, or students. It is up to the Project Team members to share and promote the campaign with their contacts. While Stetson may promote the crowdfunding platform during campaigns, Project Teams should not rely on this for fundraising success.

Monetary premiums or perks must not be used to incentivize gifts. Items such as t-shirt giveaways or other promotional items are not permissible, as they affect a donor’s right to a tax deduction.

Projects will be hosted on the online crowdfunding platform for a pre-determined amount of time, typically 7-14 days. Some exceptions may apply. The same group may not fundraise in consecutive campaigns within the same semester but may be eligible for future crowdfunding efforts. Please note, we will have several blackout dates during any athletics giving weeks, Homecoming, and Stetson University’s Giving Challenge. 

If the project is not fully funded within the allotted time frame, any monies raised will still be allocated to the project. 

Stetson University is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational institution. All projects must comply with the institution’s mission.

Stetson reserves the right to decline any project based on content or discontinue an active campaign at any time due to changes in the project’s eligibility status.

Stetson reserves the right to revise these guidelines at any time.

For questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the Office of Annual Giving at 386-822-7456 or